What is an Executive Assistant?

Anyone who would like to be an Executive Assistant should read this to understand the job. They are at a different level to PAs and do far more than just an office administration role. Warsaw has grown into a significant financial centre and this means that these Warsaw based businesses need more Executive Assistants.

Executive assistants sometimes have college degrees, but this is not a requirement. There are professional qualifications for Executive Assistants. There are also Executive Assistant Courses in Poland that are available online and in virtual classrooms.

What does an Executive Assistant do?

They are vital for any busy Executive Manager, who is the influential go-to person. They will often work in partnership with their manager, not just assist and take direction from their managers.

There are several critical skills for an Executive Assistant. These include prioritisation, good communication skills, decision-making and commercial awareness. In addition, Executive Assistants need to appreciate how best to network; this is vital to a successful Executive Assistant.

However, much of what they do is problem solve to ensure everything runs to plan in the office. They will also learn how to prioritise their work to ensure that they do not need to take direction from their managers; instead, they will work on their work plan. This managerial style of work planning means that the manager does not need to worry about managing the Executive Assistant.

What is the average salary in Poland?

Executive Assistants in the Poland should consider that many jobs require the English language. Therefore, this is a vital skill. However, in reality, many will only work in English if they work at an international company. This is more prevalent in higher-salary jobs in Warsaw.

 The average salary for an Executive Assistant in Warsaw is PLN 69,600 on a yearly basis. Most Polish Executive Assistants are on salary. According to the Institute of Executive Assistants survey, it can be as high as PLN 88.200. This salary level is similar for most of the major cities in Poland. Nevertheless, Warsaw is normally PLN 3,000 higher.

Executive Assistants will need good admin skills. This ability means they should be able to touch type and carry out standard admin tasks. Being an adaptable vital to ensure you can problem solve any issues at work. Additionally, you will need to be a fast learner to be able to adjust to changes.

Additionally, Executive Assistants should have excellent Microsoft Office skills. They will need advanced Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook skills.

Many Executive Assistants will become involved in more long-term career progression in the future. For example, we have seen Executive Assistants gain exposure to Company Secretarial work and have decided to move into this career. Some Executive Assistants have moved into Office Management. Others have worked following their work in event management. The most common future career is Project Management due to working on a Project as an Executive Assistant.

Therefore, working as an Executive Assistant is not only the highest level of Assistant role and the end goal for many PAs. It also exposes you to interesting areas that could offer future career opportunities.

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